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Davide Borelli, Lucilla Gatt


‘UOMe’ is an Italian fintech company headquartered in Milan and regulated by the Italian Conduct Authority. Being particularly active in the Forex market, ‘UOMe’ offers low-priced currency exchange and international payments to private individuals and companies. Although many of its activities are deeply based on technology (e.g., lead qualification, KPI), ‘UOMe’s business model heavily relies on traditional ‘call calling’: having identified a ‘prospect’, a salesperson calls them to pitch ‘UOMe’s products and services. Once onboarded, clients may use ‘UOMe’s mobile app to get real-time quotes, place trades, make transfers, and manage their existing positions. ‘UOMe’ Operations Team is based in India, whereas the Sales and the Compliance Offices are respectively based in Italy and the United Kingdom. Being successfully pitched by one of ‘UOMe’s dealers, Davide decides to join the service conscious of the convenience of the offered rates. Nevertheless, while going through the onboarding process he suddenly realises that the service is not cheap as expected in the first place, hence he decides not to progress with his application. After a couple of weeks, having received another unsolicited call from ‘UOMe’, Davide decides to exercise his rights to access and to be forgotten.


UOMe; exchange; international payments; business model; rights to access; forget

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