Data in the Healthcare sector

Adrián Palma Ortigosa, Sara Lorenzo Cabrera


The Hospital “Virgen del Rocío” of Sevilla is made up of a staff of more than 300 healthcare professionals and has a unit specialized in the study and treatment of patients suffering from severe headaches, migraines and sleep-related problems. In the last year, this unit has received European funding to carry out researchs that seeks to link certain eating habits to certain types of headaches. The management team has decided to collect a number of personal data to start the investigation. In particular, the following documents shall be used: – Medical records of those patients who have been treated in the hospital for research-related illnesses. – Up to a total of 10,000 clinical records of patients with the same symptoms of the rest of the hospitals of the public health service in Andalucía. – Up to a total of 5000 medical records from other hospitals in the European Network to which the hospital belongs. Clinical tests of patients (hospital users or not) suffering from any of the diseases described above. The clinical trials will bring together a segment of the population ranging from 14 to 50 years old.


Hospital; Virgen del Rocío; personal data; investigation

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