Bioetica e disabilità

Luisa Borgia


This work demonstrates how it is possible to realize the
mainstreaming of disability in a complex field such as that
of bioethics, through a collaboration over time between associations
of people with disabilities, academic institutions,
and national and international bodies. The participation of
Disabled People’s International Europe in the planning and
teaching of the Master’s in Bioethics at the University of Camerino,
and the Polytechnic University of the Marche, constituted
a starting point for a cooperation project that resulted in
participation in the National Bioethics Committee of Republic
of San Marino by Giampiero Griffo as an external expert.
Thanks to this support, the first document on disability was
elaborated by a National Bioethics Committee and this theme
was kept in mind in all other documents, where needed. The
point of view of the disabled associations was also taken into
consideration in relation to the evaluation of particularly important
Council of Europe documents for people with disabilities.
It is hoped that this example of cooperation could be
an incentive for further forms of collaboration in other areas
of society, with the awareness that inclusion is the only form
of involvement in decision-making processes.


bioethics; disability; mainstreaming; human rights; empowerment.


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