BLIND FORCES IN SEARCH OF A MEANING. On some microphysical aspects of loneliness

Fulvio Librandi


Blind forces in search of a meaning. On some microphysical aspects of loneliness

The term solitude contemplates the double meaning of solitude, on one hand the momentary separation from a world which remains vivid inside us and, on the other, loneliness – the inability to be part of any of the contexts or “worlds” that surround us. This paper focuses on some systems, above all on the theological one, that have produced socially acceptable forms of solitude, the ways in which they are ritually interiorized, and the importance of regulating this “pain of interaction”. The management of the mood of exclusion is a match of political nature whose field is a space where physical and social elements are undistinguishable, whose goal is a regulated order in social relationships. Other than contexts in which it is considered possible and usual, solitude doesn’t have a voice, it cannot be included in a signaling system, it cannot be identified in a value and exposes one to the risk of abandoning the world.


Bertocco; Sensoriality; Solitudine; Loneliness; Exclusion.


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