L'INCIVILTÀ DI GIUDA. L’usura “manifesta” come metafora dell’“infamia di fatto” (infamia facti)

Giacomo Todeschini


The incivilty of Judas. “Manifest” usury as a metaphor for the “infamy of fact” (infamia facti)

Usury and manifest usurers are, in the medieval economic discourse, more than the representation of an actual economic abuse, a visible theological and political metaphor of the infamy of fact, the blatant and shameful public attitude of those who could not and don’t want to be be recognized as Christians. The paradigmatic portrait of Judas in many medieval theological and juridical writings became the durable representation of infidels who, like Jews and heretics, showed their own “infamy” by their resistance both to conversion and understanding of Christian social/economic values.


Infamy; Usury; Jews; Judas; Exclusion.


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