La Piccola Liturgia Errante dell’Atelier dell’Errore

Luca Santiago Mora


The Little Errant Liturgy by the Atelier dell’Errore

Atelier dell’Errore is a Visual Narrative Arts Lab dedicated to kids and youngsters sent to the Atelier and certified by Child Neuropsychiatry of the Health Services in Bergamo and Reggio Emilia. As an artist, working side by side with these special kids for 16 years, I learned this revolutionary law. In the Atelier: the opposite of Normal is Special; the opposite of to Look and to Watch is to See; the opposite of to Hear and to Listen to is to Feel.
That’s why when Teatro delle Albe in springtime 2017 asked us to present our project at Teatro Rasi in Ravenna during Enter/Doppiozero Festival, we wrote our first dramaturgy. The text has been inspired by the notes the youngsters of the Atelier leave on their drawings. On the stage we have 8 youngsters of the atelier and 3 others take part in the play as techies. None of us has never studied Theater. But everthing works in the Atelier, thanks to the powerful poetic strenght of these special kids. This article is the write up of our first theatrical performance.


Social Sculpture; Relational Art; Child Neuropsychiatry.

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