Mario Schiavone


The two guys

Antonio is a man, Pasquale is a man. Their clandestine love has lasted for 24 years, though tarnished by the rumors of a small South Italian country that have defined it as a sickly love. What unites and separates two people so close but distant at the same time? In what way, or in which ways, can a person like themselves love another person without becoming the subject of a narration filtered by social stigma? If loving one another is a pathology plagued by irrationality, why can’t a same sex couple love each other openly unless accepted by the community they live in? This biographical story tells of the unease with which the collectivity in an urban community participates in this kind of contemporary evolution. Therefore, even a human relationship can be redefined as a bad habit, which in some way reinterprets the biographical and social narrative of two lives, alike yet different from themselves.


Homosexuality; Inherent Vice; Different; Human Relationships; Biography.

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