CORRISPONDERE CON I MORTI. La specificità della letteratura come comunicazione asimmetrica riconsiderata alla luce di un caso di vizio di forma

Fabio Coccetti


Corresponding with the dead. The specificity of literature as asymmetric communication reconsidered in the light of a case of Inherent Vice

In an era where literature, sucked, as it is, into the totalizing (totalitarian?) mainstream of the participative and “interventionist” communication of social networks, risks losing the spaces of its own specificity in an progressive and inexorable manner, and the prerogatives deriving from the claim of its peculiar asymmetry (“ghostification” of the recipient through the preliminary suspension of its feedback and reception), the forms of correspondence with the dead examined in this essay as exemplifications of a fictional act that shamelessly assumes the vice of form inherent in a use of writing that calls upon a interlocutor from whom, obviously, no answer is expected, help us to refocus on the original meaning of making literature, on the inherent vice that constitutes it.


Corresponding with the Dead; Literature as Asymmetric Communication; Ghostification of the Recipient; Inherent Vice; Case Studies.


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