LA DIMENSIONE POLITICA DELLA MENDICITÀ. Contributo alla ridefinizione del fenomeno in rapporto al governo della città

Sabrina Tosi Cambini


The political dimension of begging. For a new definition of the issue in relation to urban governance

The article analyzes begging in Western European cities today. Begging has ancient origins and yet is intertwined in today’s chronic issues: not only in power configurations and governance, but also in job-related and forced migration and social and financial alienation Thus, it is embedded in the political, social and cultural mechanisms in action, especially in those centrifugal forces apt to distance certain groups of people from city centers, public spaces and legal protection.
Here, begging is connected to capitalism-generated systems of inequality along with the analysis of negative reciprocity. Additionally, it is interpreted also as a practice of wealth redistribution and as an act of resilience.


Begging; Reciprocity; Public Space; Revanchist City; Right to the City.


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ISSN: 2465-0315

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