«RIANNODARE NEL GRANDE INIZIO IL PIÙ SEGRETO COMPITO DEL POPOLO TEDESCO». Martin Heidegger di fronte allo sterminio nazista degli ebrei

Gennaro Imbriano


«To reconnect the most secret German Population’s task
to the big beginning». Martin Heidegger facing with Nazi
extermination of the Jews

The paper considers the reasoning process Martin Heidegger
uses to legitimate the Holocaust on historical and philosophical
grounds. His strategies of legitimation insist on the theme
of destiny pertaining to that event, understood as a necessary
effect of the burden of metaphysical violence within modern rationalism,
whose delegitimisation is functional to the lightening
of Nazism’s actual responsibilities. Heidegger also insists on the
comparison of the extermination with other cases of violence
and abuse, with the purpose of minimizing the dimension of the
Holocaust. Heidegger’s position about Nazi extermination of
the Jews is reconstructed with reference to his philosophical position
and the relationship between his philosophy and Nazism.


Heidegger; Nazism; Holocaust; Other Beginning; Modernity.


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