Ciro Pizzo


War to disability, disability at war

The Great War is the great laboratory which legitimizes different body shapes – fi rst stigmatized –, incorporating them into a paradigm that aesthetises the wounded and mangled bodies, through continuous exposure of these, giving a high priority to images. But the cross-dissemination to the categories and classes of this body-icon that refers to this new cultural paradigm that breaks the triumphant hero of the nineteenth century, will facilitate the emergence of a new category which, through various changes and metamorphoses, comes to say “disability” as a condition produced not by nature, but produced by a non-ordinary relationship to society caused by something external to the subject. And it is probably why only after the First World War one can speak of “disabled” as a separate category, a category which attracts gradually into its orbit, articulating from time to time reports, the large constellation formed by many bodies and the many minds for which is interrupted the ordinary mode of relationship and so the access to social space and community is interrupted.


Disability, War, Invalids and Wounded, the Great War, Body


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