Forme di prospettivizzazione nei Reisebilder aus Sardinien di Max Leopold Wagner

Livia Tonelli Tania Baumann


Max Leopold Wagner (1880-1962) was a versatile German scholar of
Romance languages who produced many works of fundamental
importance, especially those dedicated to the Sardinian language (Das
ländliche Leben Sardiniens im Spiegel der Sprache. Heidelberg 1921;
La lingua sarda. Storia, spirito e forma, Bern 1950; Dizionario
etimologico sardo. 3 vol. Heidelberg 1960-64). He visited the
Mediterranean island for the first time in 1904-06 and wrote various  travel accounts about it (Reisebilder aus Sardinien) that were published in 1907-08 in two German periodicals for geography and ethnology. These have since been collected and published in book format: first translated into Italian (2001), and then in the original language (2003).This paper aims on the one hand to link Wagner’s scientific approach with his travel accounts, on the other to highlight the author’s central European perspective on the Sardinian people and culture, thus focusing on the linguistic and stylistic strategies adopted in order to present a foreign culture to the German reader.


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