Neapel und die Neapolitaner in Werner Schroeters Film Nel regno di Napoli (1978). Ästhetisches Projekt und Darstellung

Richard Blanchet


Werner Schroeter’s first realistic narrative film The Reign of Naples is an epic life chronicle of a proletarian family in Naples from 1943 to 1972. It shows the lives of a few families in a poor quarter of Naples across two generations and at the same time post-war Italy in the flesh. The plot focuses on a brother and a sister: the young girl tries to keep her dignity and earn a living, while her brother works for the Party. In contrast with this melodrama, standard historical information is cursorily sketched at intervals through shots of posters, documentary footage and old stills: standard images of «History» illustrating W. Schroeter’s will to show politics as the substance of real life.


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