Clemens Brentano und Giambattista Basile. Reflexe der barocken Poetik des Pentamerone in den Italienischen Märchen

Bernhard König


The interest of German romantic authors in Giambattista Basile’s
Pentamerone is well known. But while the Grimm brothers were
mainly focused on the marvellous motifs in the Neapolitan tale collection,
Clemens Brentano was fascinated with Basile’s language and
style, who represented for him an authentic incarnation of the popular
literary creativity. Brentano owned a 1749 edition of the Pentamerone,
but he most certainly read another edition of the Neapolitan text.
After a presentation of the Cunto de li cunti and its poetics, the paper
attempts to show Basile’s presence in the Brentano’s Italienische
Märchen: it was clearly his stylistic virtuosity and inventiveness that
fascinated the romantic writer the most.


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