Jakob Philipp Hackerts Ansichten des Vesuvs

Jean-François Candoni, Stéphane Pesnel


As a landscape painter who was famous for his vedute from the Roman countryside and the Naples region, Jakob Philipp Hackert has logically represented the visual icon of the Parthenopean city as well: Germania und Austria am Golf von Neapel the Vesuvius. He devoted two works to the spectacular eruption of the volcano, thus confronting the problem of the pictorial representation of the Sublime (he had discovered the theory of the Sublime by reading Sulzer). But apart from these paintings, in many other ones he gave a much more reassuring and poetic image of this tutelary silhouette: Vesuvius was represented as a symbol and witness of an Arcadian countryside, where harmony, opulence and fertility reigned, so that political
power and nature did not seem to be antagonistic.


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