A proposito di espressionismo e della Berlino espressionistica

Domenico Conte


In this paper the author gives particular attention to the philosophical and historical-cultural aspects of expressionism. Thus, the theme of "seeing" and of the "vision" of forms (Gestalten), which in expressionistic reflection takes on meanings profoundly different from those of impressionism (see Bahr). The centrality of the vision of forms and Gestalten is then closely linked to the intolerance of the expressionists toward psychology, regarded as a lingering manifestation of the dying bourgeois world. The author also addresses the problem of the city in expressionism, exemplified above all by Berlin. The capital of the Reich is seen here in a twofold perspective: the aspects that are positive and of a fascinating modernity are opposed (as in Heym, Grosz and Meidner) by the negative and demonic aspects. On the themes of the polemics regarding psychology and of the dangers connected with urban life, the author also demonstrates the existence of points of contact between the strictly expressionistic experience and that of other authors central to German culture of the 20. Century (such as Spengler, Jünger, Th. Mann).


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