Der SFB 482: «Ereignis Weimar-Jena. Kultur um 1800» Versuch einer Verortung

Michele Vangi


This paper focuses upon some space-theoretical concepts within a problematic framework, which is at the basis of the Particular Research Domain 482 Ereignis Weimar-Jena. Kultur um 1800, in order to illustrate their relevance for a larger literary-historical research project. Vangi reconstructs the origin of some fundamental categories of the research project - such as the concept of the twin city, which he understands from its origins onwards in a cultural-historical way. Weimar-Jena as a cultural space proves to be a mere construct, whose discursive production has been generated insofar as temporal and spatial coordinates have been consciously introduced. In the conception of the Particular Research Domain a central role is played also by a detemporalized concept of «event». This offers an innovative methodological approach, which tends to look at the relationship between time and space in the light of a compressed narrative of individual events.


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