Aurelio de' Giorgi Bertola zwischen Landschaftsdarstellung und Literaturgeschichtsschreibung

Maurizio Pirro


Maurizio Pirro pursues the question of how models of spaciality have been significant in the  writing of literary history through the ages, on the example of the enlightened literary and cultural mediator Aurelio de’ Giorgi Bertola. The representations of space are set in the foreground by Bertola both in his work as a literary historian and in his literary works. The Romanticism of the Rhein is founded in his Viaggio sul Reno (1795) – an exemplary case for the literary disclosing of a cultural landscape. It is modelled according to spatial coordinates, insofar as the space is reflected both as a fictional object and as the discursive condition of aesthetic representation processes. Space is described in its conditions, but also problematized on the detection of a specific spatial quality in the act of looking. This detection is being related to the perceptual perspective of the observer and to its transformations. Herefore Pirro can deepen the historical-diachronic perspective of reflection on the space around an important informant.


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