Der Anspruch, ein neuer David zu sein: Die Praxis der Psalmenübersetzungen und die Entregelung der Poesie. Moses Mendelssohn und Thomas von Schönfeld

Roberta Ascarelli


The article analyses the revaluation of the Bible as literary model in the 18-Century Germany, in the frame of the anticlassical debate of the time, and highlights the theoretical and translational perspective of two Jewish authors who, in Germany and in Austria, are deeply involved in the ambitious project of a new translation of the Psalms of David. A “Jewish” project that aims proudly to demonstrate the modernity and the incomparable beauty of the davidical texts reassessing the prominence of the poetry of the Jews in the world literature. They are Moses Mendelssohn and Thomas von Schönfeld that, albeit in different perspectives, reaffirm though the primacy of the biblical poetry the substantial role that the Jews can have in the development both of the German poetry, and of the German culture.


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