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Issue 2019/1 State aids between public fair and unfair competition Abstract   PDF
Valeria Falce
Issue 2021/2 The Amazon case, the negotiation phenomena and the abuse of dominant position. First reflections on the self-preferencing Abstract   PDF
Domenico Fauceglia
Issue 2020/1 The assessment of the proportionality of the measures that limit the privacy foundamental rights in the new guidelines of the european data protection supervisor Abstract   PDF
Sergio Guida, Danilo Tozzi
News Repository The college of Italian Data Protection Authority needs an expert on new technologies. Abstract   PDF
Livia Aulino
Special Issue 2020 The compensation of non-pecuniary loss in GDPR infringement cases Abstract   PDF
Jonas Knetsch
News Repository The EDPS publishes the new Guidelines on assessing the proportionality of measures that limit the fundamental rights to privacy and to the protection of personal data. Abstract   PDF
Aldo Iannotti della Valle
News Repository The European Court of Justice has ruled that us search giant Google does not have to apply 'right to be forgotten' privacy rule outside of EU borders. Abstract   PDF
Sergio Guida
Issue 2021/2 The evolution of relationships between the customer and their bank, from the rules on transparency to the regulation on payment services. The (digital) archives as means of protection for the consumer customer and citizens. Abstract   PDF
Simona Ghionzoli
News Repository The first GDPR EU-wide code of conduct approved by Data Protection Authorities. Abstract   PDF
Sergio Guida
Issue 2019/1 The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) nella Pubblica Amministrazione Abstract   PDF
Valeria Manzo
Issue 2019/2 The Impact of e-Health on Privacy and Fundamental Rights: From Confidentiality to Data Protection Regulation Abstract   PDF
Francesco Cirillo
Issue 2020/2 The (in)adequacy of the law to new technologies: the example of the Google/Cnil and Facebook cases before the Court of Justice of the European Union Abstract   PDF
Aldo Iannotti della Valle
News Repository The Italian Antitrust Authority started investigations against Google, Apple and Dropbox for cloud computing services. Abstract   PDF
Aldo Iannotti della Valle
News Repository The Italian Data Protection Authority presented its 2019 activity report: main findings. Abstract   PDF
Sergio Guida
News Repository The italian DPA fined Facebook 1 million euro over ‘Cambridge Analytica’ legal case. Abstract   PDF
Maria Cristina Gaeta
News Repository The legal design & visual law demonstration laboratory. Let's draw the future’s privacy. Abstract   PDF
Maria Cristina Gaeta, Sergio Guida
Issue 2020/2 The legal qualification of collaborative platforms offering composite services. What consequences for consumer protection? Abstract   PDF
Viola Cappelli
Issue 2020/2 The omnibus directive and online price personalization: a mere duty to inform? Abstract   PDF
Sebastião Barros Vale
Issue 2020/1 The prospects of legal design applied to privacy documents in light of the innovations introduced by the GDPR Abstract   PDF
Sergio Guida, Raffaele Serpe, ⠀ Alsob & ‘Legal Design Startup Project’ team reps
Issue 2020/1 The protection of health data in compliance with the GDPR Abstract   PDF
Maria Cristina Gaeta
Issue 2022/1 The regulation of certain aspects of autonomous driving in the Italian legal system. Abstract   PDF
Maria Cristina Gaeta
Issue 2020/1 The right to be forgotten: the regulatory-jurisprudential evolution of the right to be forgotten and the relations with the right to inform in a constitutionally oriented purpose Abstract   PDF
Federico Sergio
Issue 2020/1 The scientific innovations of fetal surgery and artificial womb could innovate also the concept of legal personhood Abstract   PDF
Mario Triggiani
News Repository The seller's liability for damage caused by the products sold. Abstract   PDF
Maria Cristina Gaeta
News Repository The topic of video surveillance and its countless repercussions. Abstract   PDF
Xenia Camerini
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